Welcome to Glam or Go. The blog filled with everything I’ve learned and continue to learn working in the beauty industry. This blog is for those who like to glow up (Glam). This blog is not for those who hate the look of make-up or feel like Botox is the devils food (Go). This blog is for those who just want to feel more beautiful and learn the right (safe and budget friendly) ways to do so. I’ve worked as an Esthetician, Make-up Artist, and Aesthetic Sales Consultant. I’ve tried numerous make-up products working for Dior, Smashbox, M.A.C, Ulta, and Nordstrom and picked up many tips along the way that I want to share with you. I have also tried many cosmetic treatments and have learned even more in this area. Starting out as an Esthetician in the beauty world I had no clue where my career would take me, and never imagined where I ended up. So for beginner beauties to fresh out of cosmetology estheticians, to the experts- there will be something for everyone in Glam or Go. Follow it to be part of the beautiful journey #Glamorgo.




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