10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Lip Filler


LIP 101

1. Lip injections are an art:
That was the first thing I was told by a Consultant when I said I wanted to get to lip injections done, and boy did I learn that lesson real quick. It took me 3 times to get the lips I wanted as far as shape goes. If you are going to lessen-the-likelihood of disappointment find a provider who has a portfolio of before and after’s and see if they fit your standards. Kylie Jenner lips are a lot harder to get when you don’t have the best plastic surgeon.

lip injections

2. Kylie Jenner does not have one syringe of Juvederm
I know it’s hard to believe, just like when everyone found out she wasn’t just overdrawing her lips…. But really, I have met so many women who want Kylie Jenner lips with one syringe, and it is my job to be honest and tell them, that is not happening.

yeah right lip filler

Reality check: There are about 4 syringes in those beautifully filled lips. Cosmetic treatments are not cheap, and when they are, you probably don’t want them. Be realistic when you are going in to a consultation and know that when you want, “Kylie Jenner lips” it’s going to be at least 2 syringes to make a difference and you shouldn’t be a thrifty shopper when it comes to your face. For pricing read number 3!

3. Lip injections aren’t cheap

it's expensive

Average cost for 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra is $650. Juvederm Vollure averages $750. Remember, most people get 2 (I got 3).

4. Lip injections don’t last forever.

They have longer lasting fillers than the ones I list below, but the most popular fillers are the ones that last up to 12 months. The fillers below are hyaluronic acid products. Our body naturally has hyaluronic acid, and it naturally depletes over time. Product will metabolize quicker if you have a job where you talk a lot, drink threw straws, smoke…. pretty much move your mouth alot.

5. There are so many fillers, what do you choose and why?
i don't know what to do
Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Vollure, Volbella……
Listed above are the Allergan dermal fillers that are all a hyaluronic acid product. All of these products besides Volbella (0.5ml) are 1ml. I don’t agree with places that use Juvederm Ultra Plus in the lips, because it’s molecule is larger than the others which can make the appearance unnatural in the lips. Juvederm ultra is the most popular, but Vollure is meant to be the newer “better” choice seeing as it may last up to 18 months rather the 12 months of Juvederm Ultra.

6. Does it hurt?
does it hurt
So of course everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but yes, yes it does hurt. I haven’t met one person who said it was painless. Now don’t let this scare you away because it is tolerable. Most places numb with a topical lidocaine before hand and most products have lidocaine in it to numb further during treatment. If I can do it, you can do it!

7. Post expectations

what did i do
I was actually told that when I wake up in the morning I am going to think, “What did I just do?” Expect to be swollen and bruised and in the morning to also ask yourself #WDIJD? The swelling will go down and by the time it does, most people miss it. The key thing is, don’t get your lips done if you have an event within 2 weeks or need to hide it from your husband/significant other, unless there out of town… Also it’s great if you can have a couple days off of work/public interactions, the first 2 days are usually the worst. Also ice packs and arnica will be your best friend.

8. Pre expectations
Did that backwards because I am a rebel, and since you have the #WDIJD fear imbedded in you; you might listen better to the ways to decrease those effects.
• DO NOT drink the day of your treatment, that means after too. I didn’t listen to the first time, and had the biggest bruise ever.
• Discontinue use of blood thinners (vitamin e, aspirin, ibuprofen, fish-oil….) at least 48 hours before treatment.
That’s pretty much the important ones.

9. What happens if I hate it?

well that sucks

Just kidding….Aesthetic centers have a product called hylenex that will melt the product away. Most places never use this, but need to have it on hand just in case. The only reason why I put this in here is to ease the nerves of those who are worried about that possibility. If you are that worried or nervous about the outcome, that tells me you need to do more research on the place! Remember fact number 1, it is an art, and you don’t want just anyone creating your lips.

10. There is a rewards program that helps keep your beauty cheaper!
I’ve said this in Lash 101, but I will say it again, make sure you go to a place that utilizes Brilliant Distinctions. This not only shows the facilities credibility but saves you so dollars that can be used to multiple treatments/products. Every syringe gets you at $20-$30 dollar coupon to use next time, and with these treatments anything helps.

Well there you go, 10 things you should know before getting your lips done. Let me know if this was helpful or you have any other questions. Personally lip fillers changed my life, maybe not as much as Kylies but I am very #teamlipfiller #noshame.


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