Blue Mascara

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I Have this addiction to buying blue mascara. I think I have probably bought it 3 times in my entire life, and each time I NEVER wear it, it’s a problem. So I decided today was going to be the day I put a look together with it. Here it is. Not fully in love with the lip in this look, but I need to go shopping for something to match a little better.


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Fall Make-up Look

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Hey Glammers,

I wanted to play with more glitter and this was the look I came up with.


This is my all time favorite glitter and always get so much compliments and questions on where I get it. Well perfect time to share this because holidays are right around the corner and that is the only time it comes out! This is part of M.A.Cs holiday sets. It is called Gold and comes with 3 other pigments. They have had the same gold glitter in the sets the last 3 years so fingers crossed they don’t stop now! In my last post I also used the red glitter from the set called Reigning Riches.

Complete the look:


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Fall Make-up Look

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Sugar cookies, pumpkin spice, and some Fall make-up advice! Well summer ended quickly and I realized that I officially need to put away my bright pinks and summer dresses and pull out my thigh high boots, it’s a bitter sweet kind of feeling. I decided to put my favorite fall look together and share it with you all.

Make-up do: Burgundy and nudes and glitter….lot’s of glitter.


I am a little disappointed in this photo not being able to see the burgundy glitter, but it is my favorite!

Get the look, click on the link to easily purchase:

Outfit Thigh-highs and Denim


Share with me what you think and your favorite fall looks! #glamorgo

Lash 101

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Who doesn’t want flawless, long lashes? There are so many options to choose from; mascaras, strip lashes, individual lashes, extensions, Latisse… How does a girl know?! Lucky for you, I have tried them all and am compiling this list of pros, cons, and favorites. You are welcome.

lashes spongebob.gif


I am not the only one who started out with Great Lash right…? Right?

Mascara is the easy go-to, buy anywhere, apply anywhere lash product. This will be pretty obvious as far as pros and cons but this would be no lash 101 without it.


  1. Mascara is a clear winner in the price/convenience factor. From $5.00 to $35.00, it can last 2-3 months.
  2. Unlike strip lashes, you can apply it easily and quickly anywhere.

Cons: If you have shorter, thinner lashes, mascara can only do so much. You can end up with the clumping, crusting, and spidery looking lashes.

Pro Tips:

  1. Don’t waste money on high-end mascara, drug store mascara is equally good or can be even better. Loreal owns high-end companies such as Lancome, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Urban Decay. I like Loreal’s mascaras as you will see below.
  2. Don’t use waterproof mascaras.
  3. Do use mascara primers.
  4. Favorite mascaras: Loreal Miss Manga, Million Lashes Mascara, and Telescopic Mascara.
  5. Wardrobe your mascaras.

Máscara de Cílios The Colossal Volum’ Express Máscara

Lash Grade: C+ for mascara only. Mascara alone is just too natural for me. Price per month for me: about $7.00 seeing as I purchase and use 2-3 mascaras for a total of $21.00 and that last me about 3 months.


I went from the Great Lash to strip lashes overnight. Well to be exact, one morning when I was getting ready for high school my eyelash-curler had ripped out all of my eyelashes. It was like that fail tutorial where the girl burns off her hair while curling it…. (look to the left for reference) I cried. Nonetheless, it was a blessing in disguise and I learned of the beauty of strip lashes!


1.They are flawless; Perfect volume, curl, and length, all the time.

2.You are able to change your look everyday from natural to double-stacked Glamville (where I like to live).

3. You can reuse them. I reuse mine 3-4 times before tossing.


  1. The devastating moment you must take them off at night and go back to looking like Kermit the frog. This is even worse when you are dating! (Just saying).
  2. Frequent stops to the store. When you where lashes every day, it is the worst feeling to realize you are out and need to run to the store. Prices for strip lashes generally range from $4.00 to $17.00

Pro tips:

  1. Price is not everything! I worked for MAC and hated how the lashes lasted shorter amounts of time than my Ardells or Kiss lashes!
  2. Do get packages. I would always get the packs of 5 of either Salon Perfect or Kiss lashes. My all time favorite lashes: Salon Perfect 615 five pack for only $8.44. They are lookalikes to M.A.C’s number 48s.
  3. Pro tip: Stack two 615s before applying for the ultimate wispy lashes.

my favorite lashes

Lash Grade: B. I loved how good I looked with them, but how ugly I felt without them.



The wear-in-the-water, still look like a majestic mermaid, beautiful all the time lash product.


  1. As stated above, you look perfect ALL THE TIME. I would feel comfortable wearing no make-up when I had these.
  2. If you are vacationing and planning on taking a lot of pictures in the water, it’s perfect.
  3. You don’t have to apply/buy mascara anymore.


  1. These range from $80-$300. (Most of the time you never want to go with the $80) Fills are typically $65-$125 depending on how long you wait.
  2. Having to go in for an hour-long appointment every 3-4 weeks. I don’t like appointments that frequent.
  3. Lash craziness. If you don’t go with the volume lashes and just basic eyelash extensions, when they start to fall out, what remains looks CRAY. Like spidey lashes all over the place!
  4. When you are all done, your lashes are itty-bitty.

Pro tips:

  1. Don’t do the basic individual lash extensions (so in the past).
  2. Do get the Russian Volume Extensions (SO good)
  3. Don’t go for the cheapest deal
  4. Do lots of research and look at before and after’s! My lady charged $200 for Russian volume extensions, did a FLAWLESS job, $80 for fill every 4 weeks and had an amazing referral program. I see other places charging $300 for Russian volume extensions. If you live in the Portland, OR area let me know if you’d like the name of the place and artist!


my eyelash extensions

Lash Grade: I give eyelash extensions an A-. Price was just too expensive to upkeep for me. Other than that, I loved it. Excuse my makeup-less face in the above photos.

Where I ended on my lash journey. The natural beauty lash look where you never look cray- if you continue using it. I bought Latisse a while ago when I saw someone with beautiful lashes. I asked them where they got there lashes done and they told me it was their natural lashes. I have seen so many eyelashes I can tell when someone is wearing strips or lash extensions from a mile away, so believe me when I say I was dumbfounded!


  1. Depending on what you have already, Latisse can look like eyelash extensions.
  2. This creates the natural beauty effect. I used to never like this, but I actually am really enjoying it seeing as my make-up funds are on a budget at the moment which leads me to my next point:
  3. One 3ML is about $120.00 a 5ML is $179.00 they say these should last 1 month for the 3 and 2 months for the 5, lies… My 5 lasted 4-5 months. How? Read in the pro tips.


  1. Time frame. I was a little impatient because it takes 4 months for optimum results.
  2. Like lash extensions, after discontinued use your eyelashes are left short for a while. The cause for this is because Latisse puts all of your eyelashes in the active phase so when stopping all of your lashes must go through shedding out.
  3. I’ve met people who don’t have to use mascara anymore with this but just curl their lashes, but I still buy mascara.

Pro tips:

  1. Toss the brushes. Apply directly from the bottle to lashes. The soak up and waste most of the product, which makes you, buy more.
  2. Make sure wherever it is you buy from that they utilize the Brilliant Distinctions program. It is a reward program where after you purchase it, the facility will enter the transaction, rewarding you a $10 coupon towards your next purchase. You can use this $10 also towards Botox, Juvederm (or other Allergan fillers), Coolsculpting, or Skin Medica products and then get more points after those treatments!


Lash Grade: A. I like having lashes all the time and looking more naturally beautiful rather than sick when I’m not wearing strip lashes. This is at 3 months of using Latisse, it should be getting better in a month. Look at the above eyelash extensions photo to see what I was working with before.

Well there you go, Lash 101. Time to call this a wrap and take those lashes off.